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Hills and Vineyards in the area of Colli Orientali del Friuli

The area of “Colli Orientali del Friuli” spread along the eastern hills of Udine province close to the border with the Slovenian Republic. To the North the area includes the towns of Tarcento, Nimis, Povoletto, Attimis, Faedis and Torreano. It crosses the Eastern part of Cividale towards San Pietro al Natisone and Prepotto. It then spreads Southwards towards Premariacco, Buttrio, Manzano, San Giovanni al Natisone and Corno di Rosazzo.
The origin of the various hills is the same, a complex geological history that began 35, perhaps 55 million years ago. The sea then covered the Friulan plain, with the coasts near the Alps.
Over thousands of years, tidal waves, rivers and streams brought with them alluvium, sand and clay, which caused a slow process of sedimentation. When the sea withdrew, due to big earthquake motions, the gentle hills called the “Colli Orientali del Friuli” emerged. These deposits look like alternating layers of calcareous clay and calcified sand. due to its composition and position, this is an extraordinary grape-growing soil. Throughout the centuries the profile of the hills was modelled by the strenuous work of vine-growers.
The visitor’s gaze runs along the slopes of vineyards, often resting on wide woodland areas, and then moves onto the plain surrounded, on the horizon, by the sea. The Giulie Alps at the back and the Adriatic Sea at the front: this is the best geographical position for grape-growing. Here the vines are protected from the cold North winds and benefit from continuous ventilation.
Within the territory there are however many micro-climates: cooler and more humid in the North near the mountains, milder and drier in the South, where together with vines olive trees grow too, silent witnesses of ancient farming traditions.

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