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Carato Rosso D.O.C. V.Q.P.R.D. Colli Orientali del Friuli 1999 Harvest
Vine: International vine 100% Cabernet Franc
Place of growing: From our own vineyards
Production Hectares: Ha 0.28.00 in high hill
Harvest: By hand on the middle of October
Wine-making: As it happens for all red grapes, by inoculating careful selected enzyme and yeasts. Wine making is helped by some essential enological techniques, advanced equipment (in order to allow very soft presses to detriment of grape/must yield) and both cold and hot temperature controlled truncated cone tanks
Fermentation: Maceration on the grape skins is effected at a controlled temperature of about 26°C for 16 days. This process permits to obtain a good colour extraction and to keep a good structure that maintain their selves in the years. When the liquid part is separated from the solid one, the must is put in new 225 litre barrels where it is kept for 18 months and where, in the meantime, malolactic –fermentation occurs. A unique mass of the wines contained in different barrels is done before bottling
Alcholic content:
13,00% vol.
Total Acidity:  4,90 gr/lt.
Refining: Carato was assembled on 1998 August. Now it is refined and it is a long - lived wine, considering that it maintains the freshness which comes from a balanced acidity
Features: It has a bright ruby red colour, quite violet; its fragrance reminds small and juicy fruits; these flavours are recognised also in the mouth, where it opens, full, soft, velvety, and balanced: the final is long and satisfactory
Service temperature & food matching: It has an exceptional impact if it is served in wide thin glasses at 18° C, after opening the bottle in advance. It should be matched with red, tasty meats, but also with cheeses and hams


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