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Composed By: 60% Tocai Friulano
25% Pinot Bianco
15% Sauvignon
Harvest: each wine that composes "Canto", comes from grapes harvasted separately by hand, considering the different ripe time of each, i.e. form the end of August (Sauvignon) until the end of September (Tocai Friulano)
Wine making: as the earvest, also the wine-making of each grape is effected separately "in white". In order to obtain softer presses and longer fermentations - abova all controlled by a suitable temperature - selected yeasts are added, using enological technical and very advanced equipments.
Fermentation: also fermentation is done separately for all the musts; it occurs at a controlled temperature thet varies from 18 till 20°, for not more than 15 days. At the end of this period, a couple of decanting is made: this process allows to each single wine to clear itself gradually without suffering further stress.
Alcholic content:  13% vol.
Total Acidity:  5,3 gr/lt.
Refining: Canto was created on 2003 April after careful estimates on the percentage of the wines to be used, and then, at the end of the month it was bottled. This wine has a great stability and it is a very easy drinkable one, above all after one or more years after bottling.
Features: Canto has a bright, deep pale yellow colour; the fragrance is fresh, fruity, intense and pleasant; these characteristics are kept also in the mouth where tropical notes together with sweet citrus fruits and banana notes are perceived. The final is intense, persistent, elegant and above all satisfactory.
Service temperature & food matching: The best pleasant sensations are perceived at a 12°C temperature. This wine has a great charm if it is drunk as aperitif, but it becomes magnificent if it is matched with elegant pastas and soft soups. It is appetising with hams, delicate cheeses and value white meats.

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