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Territory and vineyards in the area of Friuli Grave

The quality of the wine depends essentially on several primary factors: the nature of the soil, a particularly fortunate position the climate and the vineyard. All these factors are combined in the Grave, where the soil, sun and grapevines have maid their alliance. The Grave area extends along nearly 7.000 hectares in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, straddling the Tagliamento River between the provinces of Udine and Pordenone. The upper Friulian plain, hugging the pre – Alpine arc, is characterised by a natural landscape of outstanding originality:
the “magredi” or “grave”. This is an ample zone formed by great flood conoides from the Meduna, Cellina, and Tagliamento rivers, which, in the course of the millennia have deposited enormous quantities of calcareous Dolomite rock, which came form the mountains due to the violence of the waters and dragged along their beds into the valley.
The entire plain reset on flood lands, roughly corresponding to the Northern part of the DOC zone, and becoming ever smaller as the rivers proceed along their course, until arriving at Adriatic coast. The mountains, in addition to having produced the soils where the grapevines are now cultivated with success, have also offered protection from the cold wind coming out of the North. This fact, together with the beneficial effect of the presence of the Adriatic Sea, has worked to create a climate, which is particularly suitable for the cultivation of grapevines.
There is however another factor, which renders the Grave an ideal soil for grape – growing.
The ample rocky extension, at the feet of the plants, has a doubly – favourable effect: during the day it reflects the heat accumulated in the sunniest hours, maintaining constant the climatic conditions. This influence is important especially during nights at the end of the summer, given that it permits prolonging the harvest period to the maximum, thus obtaining a more sugary grape, with more aromas and fragrances. Not coincidentally, more than a century ago, several grape – growers used to carpet their vineyards with rocks, trying to reproduce the conditions, which the Grave zone offers as typical characteristics of environment.

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