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Chardonnay D.O.C. V.Q.P.R.D. Friuli Grave
Vine: International vine 100% Chardonnay
Place of growing: In our own vineyards
Production Hectares: Ha 2.46.80 at the feet of Rosazzo’s feet
Harvest: Generally on the first week of September
Wine-making: In white, as it happens for all the white grapes. The wine making was helped by selected yeasts and by modern equipments that allow softer presses to detriment of grape/must yield
Fermentation: It occurs at a controlled temperature, which varies from 18 till 20°C, in steel tanks and it lasts quite 20 days. When the fermentation is finished, the solid part, formed in that period, is taken away
Alcholic content:
12,30 –12,60% vol.
Total Acidity: 5,10 - 5,20 gr/lt.
Refining: It is generally bottled between the end of March and the beginning of April and, considering the extraordinary freshness, reached every year, and its complexity, it should be considered a wine able to maintain its characteristics for a long time. Still very good also after three years after the bottling but only if it has been stored in the right way.
Features: It has a rich, deep and warm pale yellow. At the nose you perceive the smell of fresh grasses together with golden apple and yellow flower aromas. In the mouth the same sensations are perceived and they close in a fresh, dry, wide and balanced way
Service temperature & food matching: The best pleasant sensations can be perceived at 12°C. It is very interesting as aperitif (both fish and vegetarian ones), for what regards the first courses it is well combined with pastas with meat or vegetable sauces. It should be combined also with white meats without sauces


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