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Epilogo di Cantalfieri - metodo classico 2004 harvest
Vine: Obtained exclusively by Pinot Nero grapes
Place of growing: In our own vineyards
Production area: Ha 1.50.00 in high hill
Harvest: On the end of 2004 August after a careful choice of the best grapes of the vineyard
Wine-making: In white using a soft press
Fermentation: It occurs at a controlled temperature: the must is kept in steel tanks for 6 – 7 months and the temperature is always under control until the first bottling; after it, Epilogo starts a long ripen which lasts about 2 years
Refining: After this long period, during which the bottle is kept in horizontal position in a dark cellar, it starts a soft and effective handly remuage on pupitre. The definitive bottling is effected after a “degorgement” and after adding a balanced quantity of liquer d’expedition
Features: It has a pale yellow colour with light green reflections. At the beginning it can be noted a brief white foam, perlage is fast and persistent; at the nose it is rich, deep and complex due to Pinot Nero’s characteristics
Food matching: It is excellent as an aperitif but the best matching consists in drinking Epilogo and eating raw fish and shellfish

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