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Prologo di Cantalfieri 2004 - metodo classico 2004 harvest
Vine: Obtained exclusively by Pinot Nero grapes
Place of growing: In our own vineyards
Production area: Ha 1.50.00 in high hill
Harvest: The grapes have been picked up in the first days of September 2004, before the full maturation so that the alcohol content in this moment is not above 11,5°. After a careful choice of the best ones in the vineyards, they have been transported to the Estate and chilled in a particular fridge at 7-8°C
Wine-making and refining: The grapes are left on their skins for 12-18 hours at low temperature (10-12°C) and then softly pressed with a pneumatic press. The must was later static cleaned and fermented at 18-20°C; during this period we continually checked if further pourings or other operations were necessary. The wine was then filtrated and prepared for the ri-fermentation; after the inoculation of selected yeasts and the addition of the right quantity of sugar it was bottled and closed with bidule and metal crown cap.
It remained on the yeasts for at least 24 months; when it was the right moment it started the remuage on pupitre for the complete cleaning of the bottle, by pushing out the precipitates formed with the ri-fermentation. After the degorgement the bottle is closed and left in the cellar for some months before selling
Features: It has a pale red colour defined as we say in Italy, “onion skin”, typical of Pinot Noir
Refining: After this long period, during which the bottle is kept in horizontal position in a dark cellar, it starts a soft and effective handly remuage on pupitre. The definitive bottling is effected after a “degorgement” and after adding a balanced quantity of liquer d’expedition
Features: It has a pale yellow colour with light green reflections. At the beginning it can be noted a brief white foam, perlage is fast and persistent; at the nose it is rich, deep and complex due to Pinot Nero’s characteristics
Tasting: Precious aromatic fragrances of fruit such as cherry and blueberry at the nose, enriched in spicy notes and hay tones.
Its refined perlage gently caresses the palate, creating a pleasant and catchy sensation. It presents again the aromatic profile sensed at the nose which gives further persistence and elegance
Food matching: Starting from cold cuts or savoury cheeses and passing to delicate main courses, it finally perfectly matches with fish and meat grills

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